Portfolio weighting

Portfolio weighting

If you follow both our DayTrading and LongTerm, please note that our weighting is based on two accounts. So that both can be filled up, 100% in our DayTrading portfolio and 100% in our LongTerm portfolio.

Suppose we trade for 1 million, then we will divide the funds into both DayTrading and LongTerm. So 1 million will correspond to 200%, and when we buy a stock to DayTrading of 10% it will therefore correspond to 50.000.

If you have both products for one country, your entire amount will be split into 200% as it should be divided into 2 products. Do you also add other countries, for example you have DayTrading for both Danish and American stocks + LongTerm for both Danish and American stocks. It will be distributed at 400% and the risk we have here is therefore much lower.

However, we recommend that you open a dollar account and a Danish krone account, in order to get rid of the exchange fees which would otherwise be involved in every trade. 

Our full portfolio is spread across all of our products, so you need to buy all of our products to access our exact portfolio, with the same risk spread as we have.

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