About Pillious

Pillious is an organization that consist of multiple Danish companies that has been around since 2019.
As well as a US company, which is established in 2020.

We offer a subscription service to anyone who thinks that investment is something for them.

Two core areas are operated, one is DayTrading, which we have specialized in. The other is Long Term, where we use the recognized fundamental analysis with SDG screening as a part of this. Our interpretation of LongTerm is a couple of months, therefore you should not expect the usual (10 years). 

The long-term investments are mainly based on our momentum and SDG sustainability strategy, which you can read more about here.
The subscription service is for users who have a smartphone where our app is available on Google play and App store, or people who has an email.

The investment is made globally according to its own unique accounting analysis in solid growth companies. Our process is simple in LongTerm and is based on the choice of solid companies that are within our investment universe. We buy at reasonable prices in relation to our chosen accounting and financial ratios. The timing of the purchase has a significant impact on the future return, therefore the spread of buying times is important.

We make sure to notify you with live announcements when we trade a stock. When investing long term at Pillious, there are various risks involved. We usually have 6 stocks in the portfolio, where the solid stocks weigh the majority of the portfolio and the more cyclical stocks, which are categorized for high risk weights less.

Pillious - Active to passive income in 10 years

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Mads Hansen Baudier

Mathias Steen Reippuert
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