A consumable product is a product that is produced in order to satisfy the wishes or needs of a consumer. 

They are regularly used up or changed, and an office must maintain a stable supply of these products in order to function. Groceries and personal care products are consumables seen in the home. Conversely, things like appliances are not placed in the classroom but are considered durable consumer goods.
Companies that operates in the consumble sector is often more stable with less risk involved. This is due to the fact, that people will always need food, drinks. The products that these companies sell, are nessesary for survival, so if a crash were to come. People would still need food, drinks etc.
These companies are good for long-term investments, that will last for life and most of them increase more than the market over a period where a crash have occured.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has been marketed as Walmart since 2008 and before that as Wal * Mart is a US multinational retail company. The company is the world's largest private company. They sell tons of consumables. Investing in WalMart is a solid and low risk investment.
Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American retail company that runs a department store club for members under the name Costco Wholesale, which offers a variety of merchandise. In 2012, it was among the five largest retail companies in the United States and the largest department store club for members. A solid investment.
The Coca-Cola Company is an American beverage group headquartered in Atlanta, USA. The group manufactures i.a. soda, where it is best known for the Coca-Cola cola. The company also produces the soda brands Fanta and Sprite
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