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Do you have a large network that is interested in stocks and investments or finance?
Or a larger amount of followers on social media, such as instagram, twitter, facebook, Linkedin or another medium where a larger audience follows you or your company on a daily basis.

Then we make special agreements for you with benefits, where you can invite your employees, board or management to meetings with us, where we will tell you about our own investments and how we do when we trade in the financial markets.

If your followers are interested in investing or in the financial world, this is a good starting point.

Let us know from you if you want to make a difference.


Can you help our members with some good trading conditions, we are looking for a platform that is user-friendly and that can offer our members a discount in the form of a reduction in brokerage?

Through the platform, one must be able to trade stocks as the primary part, however, is currency, CFD trading, index futures, including futures, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, currency options and listed options.

Do you have a platform that needs to be connected to our app or our website?

Let us hear from you, or read more below

Copyright: Pillious
Copyright: Pillious


Are you going to give a presentation to a larger meeting on an investment-relevant topic and do you want us to come out and tell about how we do in our daily lives, everything from decisions to finding the stock that we consider rises the most. We will tell you about the analysis tools we use and show you simple approaches to investments that you can start with. Among other things, we will tell you about the economy and the market as well as how to transforms an active income to a passive income over time, by buying shares.

Topics that we will touch on

The structural economy

The business cycles

The financial markets

Making money in the markets over time



If you are in a closed network that would like to hear more about Pillious, let us hear from you and make an appointment. You are welcome to contact us on LinkedIn or here on the page, under about Pillious.

Do you just want to hear a presentation from us about investments and what we have in our pipeline, but do not have a larger network or have to give a presentation in the near future. Then we also have an opportunity for how you can join our presentation at the address Amaliegade 6, 2. tv, 1256 København K.

We also arrange exclusive private one-on-one meetings with our clients, where our analysts will be involved, contact us for more information. However, this is not without charge.

You also have the opportunity to invest in our closed company Pillious Invest A / S, where we ourselves are invested and trade based on the Day Trading principle, which includes marginal trading, for which we have a long waiting list – it requires an investment of at least 750,000 or 100,000 euros.

Who do we work with?

Our typical business partners are banks, stockbrokers, audit firms, FinTech corporate influencers, YouTuber.

We work with companies of all sizes, and single individuals from the average family man to the popular internet celebrity with several 100 thousand followers.

Do you and your company offer financial services?

Depending on what your company works with in the financial industry, we are always curious and would like to hear more about your business concept. If your business is built on a special software or several algorithms, this could be of interest. If you and your company have a developer or a strong network within programmers world wide, this is also of interest. Can they code in the following languages: Xcode – SWIFT Android studio – Java Node.JS and React.JS might be interested to hear from you.

Do you operate with companies or individuals who invest in shares

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Do you work with influences on a daily basis or are you perhaps an influencer yourself and have a good network, we would also love to hear from you.

If you have a larger network of celebrities this also has interest.

Ambitions to help others and your consequences for another income that is more passive. Think about what your consequences are giving you, you do not want to give your consequences an opportunity to create more income and more success.

Do them a favor by helping them re-enter the stock market.

Are you a current customer?

Would you like to tell us about your experience at Pillious in a video interview, we would also love to hear from you. Since we want to spread the idea to others in the world and we can with your help. We want to reward the customers who share their opinion and experience at Pillious. the fee depends a lot on the size of the task itself. We want customer selection that we can hand out to other new investors who think that shares could be interesting for them.

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