Corporate social responsibility


We will, as far as possible, in a sensible and simple way, relate to the UN’s 17 World Goals and develop our business in that spirit.

Our goal is to act properly and invest in well-consolidated and well-earned companies with a fair business foundation that complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate. Finally, the companies adhere to their corporate social responsibility.

Our vision is to use the UN’s 17 World Goals as guidelines in light of the world’s growing population and the consequent draw on resources. Especially guidelines that provide better living conditions for people and change the world in a more sustainable direction. We want to increase our quality standards and be an ambassador for the world goals at a pace so that we remain credible. We see it as a process where we learn along the way. Although we are a micro business in a global context, we will do our best to contribute with what we can.

We avoid companies without guidelines for anti-corruption and equality of people. In particular, we are looking for companies that are thinking about climate and sustainable business, thereby avoiding long-term over-consumption of resources that unnecessarily strain the climate.

Companies that do not communicate CSR sufficiently clearly we will contact for an in-depth discussion. If, in our opinion, a company fails to live up to its integrity and corporate responsibility or the behavior does not change, the investment is divested. For example, in the spring of 2018, we sold the Facebook share following the data scandal on privacy. However, we are back in the stock again after they have corrected things.

Corporate social responsibility is also included when we buy materials, digitize and improve energy efficiency etc.

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