Are you an experienced investor?

As an experienced investor, you often need some specific tools. Each investor has his or her own idea of what it takes to perform well. Therefore, it is also very personal which platform to choose. But we would still suggest a few below, which will be good for you as an experienced investor.


With a trade-leading technology, TradeStation has both good mobile and computer capabilities. Both work great and include a lot of advanced tools. Including radar display (real-time streaming watch lists with 329, customizable columns), Scanner, Matrix and Walk-Forward Optimizer.

TD Ameritrade

Is for you who sit and invest solely on the computer, maybe with slightly more advanced technologies. It is an international broker that you can use to trade most shares. It is possible to test new strategies through paper trading.

Saxo Investor

Is an opportunity for you who want a simple and fast investment platform with competitive prices and investment on the go.

The platform gives you what you need to invest quickly and safely from your phone, tablet or computer.

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