The Financial Industry.

It covers a range of companies such as mortgage lenders, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, accounting firms, mutual funds and private equity funds.

The financial services include i.a. financing of payments and trades, storage of valuables, issuance of money, bonds and other securities as well as activities that in various ways include deposits, lending, insurance, protection against risks, m.m.

Financial activity and service and thus financial service companies arise when a society develops a money society and associates opportunities for credit and lending activities, which are also called financial transactions.

It is an industry that has a huge upside potential, but also comes with a great risk. Money is something that we all have and everyone are interested in using them right and have enough. The industry is dominated by a few huge players in each country, and for does who dominate the majority of the market. The potential reward is really low, but a quit stable reward that often follows the market. If you want bigger growth in this market, you shall invest in young companies, that comes with a new way of doing things. That potentially could take over some of the market shares from the biggest companies.


JPMorgan Chase & Co
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a US multinational finance and banking group. From its headquarters in New York, it operates in a global network. JP Morgan Chase is one of the world's oldest surviving banks and financial institutions.
Wells Fargo & Company
Wells Fargo & Company is a US multinational finance and banking company. The group is headquartered in San Francisco and is represented throughout most of the United States. In 2013, the banking group's assets amounted to DKK 1,527,015 billion. US dollars, making it the fourth largest banking group in the United States.
Bank of America
Bank of America is a US multinational finance and banking group. The Group's assets in 2013 amounted to DKK 2,102,273 billion. US dollars, making it the largest bank in the United States and the 12th largest in the world. Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Jyske bank
Jyske Bank A / S is Denmark's second largest bank. The group is headquartered in Silkeborg. In addition to Jyske Bank's banking operations in Denmark, the group consists of the subsidiary Jyske Realkredit, the leasing company Jyske Finans and a subsidiary bank in Gibraltar.
Danske bank
Danske Bank (Finland), formerly Sampo Bank, is a Finnish bank belonging to the Danske Bank Group. The bank's name was changed to Danske Bank on 15 November 2012.
Saxo bank
Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank specializing in online trading and investment. The bank was founded as a stockbroking company in 1992 under the name "Midas Fondsmæglerselskab"
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