In order to invest in a country’s shares, we believe that it is important to know the country’s culture and thereby get a better sense of the investors’ psychology, in that country.

Germans are skeptical of innovative electronic payment solutions and are thus completely conservative in their development, which goes hand in hand with the Germans’ high score on Hofstede’s uncertainty avoidance. It is not uncommon to have large sums of cash lying in one’s wallet, averaging approx. 100 euros. Card payments are also possible in Germany, but this usually only happens at amounts of 20 Euro and up. In many shops you only accept payment with the German EC payment card or cash.

A huge passion for most Germans is their cars. The Germans have always been known for their cars, and there is a reason for that, because they are some of the largest and best in the world for producing cars. However, they are under a lot of pressure from electric cars and the increased technology, which is therefore an interesting investment opportunity in Germany. If one finds out their future alternative, or predicts which brands will be able to keep up with developments.

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