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A long-term portfolio, based on the academic momentum strategy. We continuously assess the momentum in a daily analysis and inform you about the most important information. The strategy is to keep the winners and sell the losers. Stocks in the US from the 3 indices, Dow30, S & P500 and Nasdaq. We primarily buy value stocks and momentum stock.


Join when some of the most talented in Denmark sit and trade Danish papers, this portfolio is the whole Pillious was founded on. The analysts find the opportunities in the market and inform you about this. The strategy is many small gains several times a week. Stocks in the US from the 3 indices, Dow30, S & P500 and Nasdaq, Trades within 30 minutes to get the right prices.


For many, a risk spread between several countries will be preferable, as it can ensure a more stable return over a longer period measured in 2-3 years. Remember there is currency risk as you are exposed to the country's currency. You can get notification from the Danish and the US portfolio. All services offer both short-term and long-term investments.


We offer several countries, markets and investment types. You can read more about the portfolios we have available right now below. Remember that we act ourselves and therefore have an interest in good results. We have our hand on the hob and monitor the market 24/7 to beat a standard index investment. We primarily trade stocks.

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Our vision and highest priority is a high and stable return, passionate employees and happy customers. The goal is to create the best investment universe that makes it easy and fun for everyone to invest and let their money work for them.


Built-in risk diversification in the portfolios

One should not put all his eggs in one basket. When you choose one or more of our portfolios, you also choose a spread of risk, which means that we minimize fluctuations and optimize returns on an ongoing basis.



We provide a service that is transparent and understandable. We provide solutions that are tailored to the customer, we constantly adapt to the needs of the members. If you have any wishes, you are always welcome to communicate them with us, so we get the world’s best investment product.


Trust and seniority

We have a constant focus on building trusting and long-term customer relationships. We do this by inviting our loyal members to events where you can ask questions about investments and hear about our plans, what we have in the pipeline.



We strive to deliver the highest quality on the market by having a hand in all trades. We are dedicated and persistent and create results through insight and business understanding. We are skilled in technical and fundamental analysis which are combined, the areas are the USA and Denmark.


Common purpose of something bigger

At Pillious, we believe we perform at our best when our employees connect their personal purpose with their work and the common purpose of our company. In our video and on the page “WHY” we share at Pillious why we do it, which includes the passion we have for investments and to help others with this, to make a difference and offer a unique service that has never been seen before. Together with our members, we have a common goal of creating returns and thus making a difference to our members’ own financial situation. We are constantly working on this, by making our products more user-friendly, innovative and relevant.
We take pride in thinking outside the box, and believe that the best service is created in collaboration with our members.


We beat the market over time

Since 2014, our momentum strategy and arbitrage strategy have generated a total return of well over 200% net after all costs in both portfolios. With a passive index investment in the US indices – with reinvested dividends – the return on comparison in the same period is 102%.


Simple setup – fast execution

Our clear guidelines and simple setup allow you to make lightning-fast decisions in the market. Once we have made an important decision, we make sure that you receive it at the same moment via our app in a push notification. You are therefore free from the analyzes and monitoring.