You can add more portfolios on the website by logging in you can select this. If you do not have a profile, you just need to create one, where you then have the opportunity to add the portfolios we have available.

If you follow both our DayTrading and LongTerm portfolios, please be aware that our weighting is based on two accounts. So both can fill one hundred percent in our DayTrading portfolio if all the funds are invested in stocks, and one hundred percent in our LongTerm portfolio. However, it is rare that we are exposed in the market with one hundred percent of the funds, as we would like the opportunity to buy up if a new opportunity comes in the market as we did not expect, the same can also happen in the event of a sudden fall, that we would like to allocate more than the original weighting that we started with to lower our average price. It is therefore important to follow our guidelines in the app, if you want to have the same return as us, when this is calculated, the weighting has been crucial in relation to the return. Since ten percent allocation instead of twenty percent may be due to the fact that one’s portfolio only increases by half in percent.

Suppose we trade for a million, then we distribute the funds in both DayTrading and LongTerm. So one million corresponds to two hundred percent, and when we buy a share for the DayTrading deposit of ten percent, it therefore corresponds to 50,000, if we take the above example as a starting point.

If you have both products for one country, the entire amount will be divided into two hundred percent, as it must be divided into two products. If you also add other countries, for example you have DayTrading for both Danish and American shares + LongTerm for both Danish and American shares. The distribution thus looks like the funds make up four hundred percent, and the risk we have here is therefore much lower, as the spread is greater.

However, we recommend that you open a dollar account to avoid having to pay for the exchange fees involved in any trade.

Our full portfolio is spread across all our products, so you must purchase all of our products to access our exact portfolio with the same risk diversification that we have.

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