How to Trade Stocks?


How do I buy a stock?

You must ask the bank to set up a depository for you. This is where the shares are “stored” until you sell them again. You can either ask the bank to buy for you or do it yourself via your online bank or an intermediary.

What are stocks?

Shares are proof of who owns a business. When a company is listed on the stock exchange, it is the shareholders who own the company. A stock is proof that you own part of a business. When you increase your shareholding, you therefore own a larger share of the company.

What is the best place to trade stocks?

You need to choose an online trading platform as it is the best place to trade stocks. For Danish equities, Degiro is good and otherwise we would recommend eToro to American, as you do not pay brokerage on equity investments. We also recommend Nordnet and Saxo Bank for beginners or experienced.

How to make money on stocks?

You make money when you choose to sell if the price of your stock has risen. A stock always has a value in the stock market and it can rise or fall. All shares are given a value based on what the market will pay for it.

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