You pay for 30 days ahead. Payment runs one month ahead, from the day you sign up.
Example: When registering on 27-05-2020, membership runs until 27-06-2020. You should note that we have a 1 month commitment on our memberships. So if you want to terminate after your registration, your membership in this case will expire on 27-07-2020. As it is an investment, we consider that you should give it a try over a longer period, as 1 month does not give you a particularly accurate picture of performance. The members who have experienced the highest return are those who have been a member for more than 12 months. By investing in a stock and selling it again and then closing your deposit, you get nothing out of it, you have to make sure to take advantage of the interest rate and the dividend that you get from an investment, this only happens if you keep the investment over time.

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