Number of stocks

Number of stocks

Long Term

In LongTerm, we will typically have 6-12 shares per country at any given time, so you can expect to follow a portfolio of 6-8 shares per country. If you want greater distribution and thus inspiration for lower risk, you can simply follow several countries. If you trade for small amounts and only trade shares in your own home country, you can choose to follow only the portfolio and see the shares we invest in in your home country.

If we do not have stocks in the countries you are looking for, or think are interesting, then please send us an email with it. Then it may be the country we are expanding to next.

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We will typically have 2-10 stocks from each country at any given time, so if you follow our Danish DayTrading portfolio, you can expect to follow a portfolio that is distributed in 2-3 stocks. If you want greater insight into our entire portfolio, or inspiration for stocks in other countries, then it is also possible to follow along with them.

So you can see all the stocks we trade to spread the risk as much as possible.

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