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There is an ocean of opportunities when it comes to investing and where to invest. It can be difficult to choose. But we have tried to help you along the way through the guide below. Both in relation to what we think is appropriate when you need to follow one or more of our portfolios – but also in relation to your own experience and your desire to supplement our push-notifications with your own decisions.


Internationale platforme:

If you trade American or English shares, eToro is the cheapest platform. In the figure below you can see a comparison. Both eToro, TD Ameritrade and Firstrade are particularly attractive to US equities.


Danish platforms:

To the left we have listed an overview so that you can easily and quickly compare the fees and costs on the various trading platforms in Denmark. Note that the calculations are based on an ordinary Danish investor investing on standard terms.

In addition, you should be aware that many banks offer brokerage-free trading of their own UCITS. Prices and data were obtained on February 28, 2020.

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