Saxo is very well known for their advanced platform SaxoTraderPRO

It contains all the trading features you need and a little more. It works for the most advanced computer set-ups and you wont miss anything. Their flexible platform for professional customers has the following trading features:

Algorithm orders, one-click trading, option chains and graph packages are just some of the features in addition it is an overall account overview

Thoroughly analyze your return and download historical reports for your posting in our upgraded account window.

Another one of the best for professionals is “Interactive Brokers” their “Trader Workstation (TWS)” platform contains programmable shortcuts and a variety of order types for placing any imaginable trade, including algorithmic orders. Interactive brokers popular with the institutional community, including hedge funds, are not beginner-friendly but offer the lowest margin rates in the industry. Just beware, Interactive Brokers require a minimum amount of $ 100,000 for margin accounts.


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