In order to invest in a country’s shares, we believe that it is important to know the country’s culture and thereby get a better sense of the investors’ psychology, in that country.

The Swedish culture’s impression of rationalism has contributed to a strong interest in science. Sweden spends the largest share of GDP on research and development in all states.

When you ask the swedes, some of the most important components pointed out are democracy, free opinion formation, the individual freedom sphere of personal values, equal human dignity, social welfare, equal equality for all before the law, protection of national minorities, good environment and sustainability.

In many ways, the culture and people in Sweden are very similar to the Danes. But one big thing that makes a difference is their stock culture. It is far more attractive to invest in stocks as a Swedish citizen than a Danish citizen. This is because their stock taxation is much lower, and you are therefore more rewarded for the risk you have taken to help national and international companies.

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