The United States is a magnificent country that holds great diversity, a diverse diversity and diverse cultures. However, there are still overarching features that bind to a common American culture with ancient traditions and values. A traditional American lifestyle and way of being, where the American dream, great hospitality, patriotism and American holidays are of great importance to the American people.

The American Dream

The American Dream is an old but well-known American ideal that is still alive and well today. It is an ideal born out of the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776, which declares that all are created equal and have the right to strive for freedom and happiness. The American dream is the dream of a better life and a belief in success and personal freedom regardless of class or origin. It is a dream of endless possibilities, where diligence and hard work can bring tailwind, freedom and prosperity. It is an ideal that for many years has led to increased immigration to the American country. The United States of America has for many been seen as the land of opportunity, but despite the potential for great wealth and success, there is today great social inequality. There is a long way between rich and poor.

In order to invest in a country’s shares, we believe that it is important to know the country’s culture and thereby get a better sense of the investors’ psychology, in that country.

American hospitality and patriotism

As a general rule, Americans are an open and very talkative people who are not pale in their approach to strangers on the streets. A way of being that for tourists may seem borderline and a bit superficial at first. The Americans, however, are a warm-hearted people who cherish the community. They like to open their homes for social events, where barbecue and beer are typically enjoyed over one of the many major American sporting events on TV. The Americans are also an extremely proud people who show great loyalty to their homeland. Houses are often decorated with American flags. Several national events take place during a calendar year, where fallen soldiers are commemorated, military troops honored and honored, and where the country’s independence is celebrated under national tones and speeches. This strong patriotism is especially associated with the US presidency and national symbols such as the American flag, the great sea eagle and the Statue of Liberty.


So what do we use this for when we invest?

The United States is a high risk, high reward country – Which means that an incredible amount of money is invested in stocks, self-development prices and other opportunities to achieve the high reward.

Their pride in their country and military means that they spend an incredible amount of money on companies in their own country and military charity.

The US stock market is based on the investors who invest in the US, here the majority are the Americans themselves. So by getting acquainted with American culture, one can better understand the psychology, and thereby the fluctuations of the market.

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