When you place an order, it is assigned an order status. This is so that you know what happens to your order and where in the process it is. This means your order status:

Received – The order status assigned before the order is placed on a trading venue. This status is no guarantee that the order has been placed correctly, but it is checked.
In the market – The order is correct and it is now located on the trading venue where the security is traded. The order is seen under the field Orders.
Refused by order validation – The order has not been approved by Nordnet’s order control. This may be due to various conditions, e.g. that there is no coverage in the account, that there are orders in several markets, or that a deposit has not been posted. For this status, Nordnet’s brokers should be contacted on tel. 70 20 66 85.
Order Processed – The order is placed in an unlisted stock that requires manual handling by a broker and the order has not yet been processed.
Requested action failed – The order has an unauthorized condition, or the current trading venue does not allow this action.

It is important that you always check your order status and contact Nordnet if there is something that you do not understand or that you think seems wrong.

Source: Nordnet.dk

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